General C#

1. What is a class?

2. What are the advantages of OOP?

3. What is a constructor?

4. What is polymorphism?

5. What are interfaces?

6. Are properties allowed in an interface?

7. Is multiple inheritance allowed in C#?

8. What are abstract classes?

9. What is a static class?

10. What is a static method?

11. What are the problems of multiple inheritance, if any?

12. What are the available access specifiers in C#?

13. What is internal in C#?

14. What is serializing?

15. What is encoding in the context of serializing?

16. What is it meant by mutable?

17. What are attributes in C#?

18. Explain using statement

19. What is value type? What is reference type?

20. What is CLR?